Africa: The Mysterious Continent

And Now for Something Complete Different …

African elephantWe all travel around the world in search of something … and if we only wanted to find the same things that we could already see at home, then there wouldn’t be much point to the trip. Fortunately, for anyone considering a trip to Africa — especially within the Sahara or south of it — there isn’t the slightest chance of finding life to be the same as it is back home. Everything about Africa simply screams, “I’m different!”; indeed, it’s hard to find anything at all in common between the lifestyle and traditions, the food and people, and the landscape of Africa in comparison to what we have in the West.

Africa beneath the Surface

When people stop to consider Africa, the things that might come to mind are the heat and the conflicts, the disease and crime, the hunger and general non-functionality of its infrastructure. While all of these attributes and conceptions may have some truth in them, it would be a bit like defining America by its hamburgers and baseball, or defining England by its tea and cricket. The word ‘shallow’ doesn’t even begin to do justice to such a depiction. And underneath all the hype about Africa and all its infamous issues, there is something quite foreign and endearing about the place. Something worth going far out of your way for. Simply put: There is nowhere else on Earth like it, as there is nowhere else on Earth as endlessly hypnotic for all sorts of reasons.
Surprises around Every Corner


Trials and Tribulations

In many ways, the troubles inside Africa are part of its richness. The need for African people to adapt to their situation in the world has given rise to all sorts of creative and imaginative expressions the likes of which cannot be seen anywhere else. It is quite true, as Tolstoy put it, that all happy families resemble each other, while unhappy families are each unhappy in their own particular way. And while it may be of generally greater pleasure to be invited to the home of a happy family, the other kind will be far more interesting, more varied, and more fascinating for the types of extraordinary adaptations it employs to make do with its circumstances. Come and discover Africa — the real Africa, that is, and not simply the beautiful beaches and safaris and famous mountains that most tourists visit. See the Africa through the eyes of Africans, and you might just see all of life, including your own, in a very different way indeed.