Asia: How the Other Half Lives

Inside Asia’s Mirror

For most of us, Asia is a blur. What are the real differences between China and Japan in terms of history, lifestyle, food and culture? What kind of a country is South Korea, and what are its people like? How does Vietnam look in the 21st century? Many of us don’t even consider questions like these, but when we do, we realise just how little we know … and we begin to develop a curiosity to learn a bit more about these rich and detailed lives that are being lived, day after day, on the far side of the world, out of our sight and mind. But in truth, there is no special reason why travel to Asia shouldn’t be more popular — and no reason for you to put off your trip any longer. There are entire civilisations to discover, and familiarise ourselves with. And when we come home, we may very well find ourselves wishing we could have stayed out there longer.

The First Step

The continent is full of smaller countries as well, which we might not even stop to think about very often. What would it be like to canoe down the tranquil waters of the Mekong River in Laos? Which of the 20,000+ islands in Indonesia and the Philippines would fit your personality best — and who might you meet if you decide to go out there? Many people consider such questions for a few dreamy moments at best, and then shake off the thought and get back to some domestic matter at hand. But we all have only one life to live, and these questions will simply never be answered for you unless you take a positive step to get out there and see it all for yourself.

A True Taste

Angkor Wat CambodidaSo, what will you find when you finally do make it out there? If you’re on one of our package tours, you’ll find yourself being whisked from beautiful city to beautiful city, secure in the knowledge that your taste of each destination will be a true one — faithful to the city itself, and also faithful to the idea of an enjoyable holiday. Of the dozens of Asian countries out there to explore, you may only have time for a small foray into that far-off world. But it’s far better than the nothing that most of your friends will be able to boast about. And these days, such trips are more affordable than ever; and the infrastructure on the other side will make your trip that much more attractive and feasible.